How can Energy Brokerage services help you?

    SolSource offers national energy brokerage services with relationships with 50+ energy providers in 20 states where energy markets are deregulated.  SolSource will shop your electricity and natural gas consumption among several energy providers licensed to do business in your state, and then we will provide you an apple-to-apples comparison of best pricing.   Most clients save 15-30% off of their monthly enegy bill, while some even save as much as 50%!    

    With many multi-family properties across the nation, these savings can really add up fast!  

    SolSource offers a free, no-risk service, so you can discover the very best pricing for your electricity and natural gas needs.   Knowing your options is important in any business.   


    We find you the Best Price on electricity and natural gas

    SolSource will find you the very best price for electricity and natural gas.   This isn’t a one-time deal either; over 94% of our partner clients have used our service again when their contracts expire.  


    Would you really pay more if you didn’t have to?


    Deregulated Energy States

    SolSource operates in every state that has some form of energy deregulation. Deregulation of energy markets began in the late 1990’s. Each state must be deregulated by that state’s legislature, and can take several years to pass and fully implement these new laws. Oversight of the energy market is provided by a government agency, such as the public utility commission.




    Start Saving on your Energy Bills Now!

    There are multiple factors that determine the price you pay for electricity and natural gas.  Utility companies and energy providers request certain types of documentation in order to effectively process your request for pricing.  SolSource will gather this infomation about your company's seperate locations and your signatures on a couple documents to get started.  

    The documents take about 15 minutes to complete.   The entire proess and neccesary documents needed are described below:


    1) Confirm your properties are located in a deregulated area

    See maps above.  

    2) Letter of Authorization (LOA)

    The Letter of Authorization, or LOA, is simply a release form authorizing your utility company to release usage data for the past 12 months. This information becomes an important part of obtaining best pricing. Not only how much energy you use, but how you use it, has a lot to do with the price you pay.

    3) Letter of Representation (LOR)

    The Letter of Representation, or LOR, informs energy providers that you have decided to utilize the free, no risk services of SolSource instead of other parties, like the energy provider employees, that may have been assigned to service your account in the past.

    4) Complete Copies of Your Most Recent Billing Statements

    Billing statements provide rate class, zone, or other classification information. The 3 most recent copies can be used for credit purposes. Energy providers will use their money up front to purchase 12 months, 24 months, 36 months, etc. of electricity or natural gas for you. They allow you to pay for it over time (monthly) as you use it. If you consistently pay your bill on time, risk factors go down and you benefit from better pricing. Most energy providers use billing statements versus other methods to determine credit worthiness.

    5) Receive your free, no risk Energy Rate Comparison

    Your rate comparison is risk free as you are not obligated to change your energy provider.    Your rate comparison typically comes with 5-8 different energy providers to choose from.      

    6) Chose your best energy option

    Make your final decision on your best energy option.  Most clients choose the lowest cost option as energy is a commodity.   

    7) Review Terms

    SolSource will provide you a copy of the agreement and will help you negotiate any final terms of the agreement.  

    8) Start paying less for your energy

    Most clients save 15-30% every month!  Some clients save as much as 50% per month! 



    Let's Get Started Now! 

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